Wk2- Activity- Plaster Casting


    This week, on Friday September 2, 2015 I went down to cherry beach in Long Beach California. Since I live so close the beach my sister and her son had also came along. It was a great experience for my nephew, i also had the advantages to use his sand castle toys. My purpose of going to the beach is create a plaster casting of either my feet or hand. I thought creating a casting of my feet was going to by hard so I decide to do my hand instead in a shape of a peace sign. The process of creating the plaster casting was really easy, with the help of my sister and my adorable nephew. First we found a good spot on the beach where we can settle down. Then I dug a whole that is big enough for my hand, next I went down by the shore and grabbed some wet sand. Second I filled the whole i dug with the wet sand, and hand a my position as how I want my casting to look like. Now taking my hand of the sand with out breaking the mold was difficult. I actually ruin my first mold so I had to create a new old. After that creating the plaster was really easy I measured the plaster with my nephew buckets then filled the water half of that. I continuously stirred it for about two minute, filled it in  my mold and I was finished. I actually had enough plaster to filled an extra mold of my nephew feet.


    The plaster take a few minutes, like 20 minutes to be exact. So we had time to enjoy ourselves at the beach. We had a great time, my nephew was chasing the birds and feeding them with our snack. It was an amazing day. The weather was great we had fun while working on an assignment.

   It has been 20 minute so I was so excited to the rugged out my plaster hand. everything came out nicely except my finger it broke off :(. However I was still happy with my result. This was a new experience and I think it was a great activity to do my family. I think the time I go to the  beach this will definitely be an activity to do.

Week 2 activity



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