Wk3- Activity- Social Photography


In today modern world Social Media has a critical role in our lives. You can easily express your feeling, thoughts, and memories at the touch of a bottom, and these things have really become a way of social interaction. One of the famous social media site is Instagram, where one can simply take a picture of what one is doing, eating, and adventuring and share it so family or friends can see. Ever since Instagram became a popular site, new terms become popular for example taking a self-portrait picture now is known as “ Selfies”, to post and an old picture to reminisce memories is know as “TBT or Throw Back Thursday”. Social photography really has become a major influence on today’s world. So as a result in my Art 110 class we had an activity, where we had to post to the minimum of four pictures on Instagram and hashtag “art110f15”. This was an experiment, too see whether we can come together to create a community or a “ Giant Selfies”. Through out the days I toke picture of places I had visits like the library, SOA Gallery, and Down-Town Long beach, and last but not least I toke a selfies. As I posted the picture and visit the hashtag page to see my classmate pictures, I notice that we are more off a group of individual rather then a community. Although we shared similar activities, for example the visiting SOA Gallery, and the library, I still felt a disconnection between my classmate and I. As if the only thing we all have in common is our art class and of course a student at the California state University of Long Beach. The reason I feel that way because a community is peoples who live together in one place and has a common characteristic, and my classmate and I do not. Just scrolling down the posts notice the different activity people endure through out the day, the different in interest and different group of friend we choice to hang out with. I believe that we the class of Art 110, is fun, creating, adventurous, and hungry individual who has disconnected lives, but all shared something in common due to our location of education. However, through out this course I do hope that we becomes more of a community, we not only share a common class, but also activity and interest, and created more personal relationship.


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