WK4- Classmate Conversation-Marisol Gonzalez

Classmate conversation:


   Life is full of spontaneity, and meeting new people is probably one of most spontaneous things one can do. So in result I like to meet at least one new person each week. This week I met Marisol Gonzalez, she was a great person to talk. Although unfortunately I only had the opportunity to talk to her for about ten minutes or so, I learn and connect with her so much. Marisol is a sophomore at the California State University of Long Beach, and her main focus in school is Child development. She describes herself as a children person, she love working with little kid, and she felt strongly that this major is the best major for her. Besides playing with the little kid Marisol is member of an all girl soccer team, Alianza (translates Alliance in English). She loves playing soccer, because mainly she enjoys running and kicking things. Those were her exact words.

As our conversation progress, we had the chance to talk about art. Our main question is Does art matter? Marisol thinks that art does matter, because it is a form of an expression, it releases stress, and it is a record book to our society and reality. She explained that with out art ones true feeling can never be understood, people would hide their emotion and pretend to be something they are not. So with art it is easier for people to share feelings and keep their realistic.

Week 4 Classmate Conversation.


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