Wk4- Activity- Painting

Art on a Wall


This week, week 4, was the week where I can paint my name on a public art wall. I found this very interesting I visited the public graffiti wall at Venice beach. I find this activity to be way more fun at Venice beach then to paint in my back yard. This was my first time visiting Venice beach, so I was a little nervous on how the environment would be. I heard that is one of the most visited places for tutor, and I can see why. It perfectly described the state of California. It is the beach, always full of sunlight, and divers of cultural, and many activities to enjoy. Although there was so many activity and new thing I want to explore, I know my reason of being there, and that is to get my name on the wall. That was the first thing I did, I actually found a perfect place for where my name can go on. It was a blank wall with gold paint in the background. I simply just spray my name and imagine it how it will look like. I think I did really well for a first timer graffiti artist. And my having an empty wall I did not feel bad for covering other great artist work.


  IMG_2552   IMG_2544

After my masterpiece was finish, I can now go and explore. I had went to Venice with my boyfriend, we went and see the amazing skaters, and watch some interest performing that was hosted all over the front walk. We also had tasty beverage to cool us down. Overall I love this week assignment learn many new things, about graffiti art and can how it really had progress. I also visited new places, and had a great time working on an assignment.


Week 4 Activity: Painting


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