Wk4- Artist Conversation- David De Mendoza



Every week, California State university of Long Beach SOA Gallery features new and up coming talented artist. Each artist is entrusted with a divided gallery of his or her own. This week, week 4, the Gotov-West gallery features David De Mendoza, Disquieting. His painting was illustrates horror, he want to projects fear. It is painted on a large canvas with contrast of colors, and an abstract of spine-chilling creatures. It project a deform creature, with the concept of hell or demon form. The three painting, The Unfathomable Indisposition of Eros, Deadlights, and Last Lullaby was created within a three month period over the summer. Some of David Mendoza was planned, but required little planning and it progress over time.

Mendoza wants to portrait fear in his painting, but not necessarily fear of his own. He mentioned that most of his painting was inspired by horror movie, and books. For example the movie Shinning by David Lynch, and HP Love Craft by Stephen Kings. David De Mendoza is trying project fear and alien life in his work. he used the He wants explore a new route in painting. Where most artists would express their feeling, or try to create art for political reasons, Mendoza simply want his viewer to feel the fear that he is trying to portray.

As though Mendoza painting angst his viewer, I feel that they are more hostile than scary. However, the message behind his art is unique. “Fear” is a strong and dreadful word, but what Mendoza is expressing is embrace your fear instead of hiding it or fighting it. To me there is no way to beat fear with out facing it. Understanding your fear and come to peace with it can only make your life easier and happier. That is the beauty of art, it can be an act of encouragement and creating new perspective in life.


Last Lullaby

Check out more of David work on his instgram: Demendizzel

Week 4 Artist Conversation.


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