Wk 5- Activity- Ethnography


7 PM

   Within 136 years human kind has reply on electricity more then ever. The advance of technology, or should I say light bulb has change many lives and the way people lived. In today modern world you can simply visit many places like a coffee shop and notice the connection people has is not with each other but is with their electronic device. So the question is what will happened if you spend one night with out electricity in a city like Los Angeles, where there is always full of light, not from the stars or moon per se, but from the power of electricity. And that is what I tried to accomplish this week.

So the plan is as soon as sunset, any form of electricity will be disconnected. This project will be difficult, not only because I desperately need to use my phone, but is because I sleep with a large fan blowing in my face to beat this California weather. So first off I have some candle lit just right about to be 7 pm, and once the sun set I tried reading. I notice there is nothing much I can do without electricity. Although I had thought to take a walk around to block and try to connect with nature, then I notice the street lights is on and that is not really following the rule, so I didn’t. However reading was not as fun as I expected to be, the light was so dim it was making my eyes hurt, so I quit. Now this just give me time to think, cause I honestly did not know what else to do. I thought about this experience and remember when I lived in my old country Cambodia. I lived in the city so electricity was always available, but I visited the countryside very weekend to see my family and they live similarly to the Amish community. So I thought Hey! I experience this way too many time before, I just have gotten use to the habits I have in America that I forgot where I really came from. I remember, although we did not has electricity growing in the dark was fun. Instead of watching television, my cousin and I would always play guess that sounds. I actually invite my sister to join me in the activity. So will be like just us as kids, but they thought they are to grown for that now, and they rather watched television. So after a long night reminiscing my memory I went to sleep.

This experience is actually not as bad as I expected. I learned that it is hard for people to give up electricity and how disconnect we have became. Just take my sister as an example, she loved playing that game when we were kids, and now she does not. That is also something else I toke in considered is that human kind grow, and weather we notice it or not we tend to take advantage of our surrounding. Spending one night with out electricity was a bitter and sweet experience for me.


7 AM


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