Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Carolina De La Torre


  This week I met Carolina De La Torre, she is probably the only person that I know that carry a three words last name. While she disapproves everybody calling her Caroline, she made an exception for me. “For some reason I can get use to you calling me Caroline, may be is the way you say it, I hate it when other for people call me that.” – Carolina. As you can tell we got along real quick. Within the first two minutes, we learn about each other hobbies and give other a cool nickname. Caroline is a sport science major, which is ironic because her favorite thing to do is eat. Carolina hobby is probably the best there is out there, or at least something I can very agree on. Another thing that Caroline is faun over is Drama. She said she hates to deal with it, but she love to watch it or hear about it, and sometime getting involve with family drama. Is cause she knows that everything will work out, and it creates perfect family stories. Caroline is a Mexican American, although she was not born in Mexico she is well in touch with her ethnicity. She very well embraces her cultures and her tradition.

We converse about many things including the question of the week, what are you swimming in? Which can be relating to, what is your reality? Caroline explain that she is both American and Mexican, she does not only belongs to her nationality, but also her ethnicity. “I am too Mexican for American, and too American for Mexican”- author unknown, so Caroline feels that she is in between the two. We also talked a little more about her reality, and she is really like. Caroline reality is that she has a very blessed life, she thanks her parents for their support. She states that by her continuing school, and getting a degree she is making her parent’s dream come true. Another thing that Caroline is thankful for is her family financial stability, with that Caroline does not have to work. Caroline concluded that she depends too much on her parent.

Week 5 Classmate Conversation


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