Wk 6- Activity- Identity Art

Activity: Periscope.


     This week activity was periscope. I have to broadcast which is called life casting, and watch other people live casting. Before I get into a deeper detailed about my experience I should explain a little more on Periscope. Periscope is nearly the same as Instagram and Snapchat combine. You post up video and share you thought or what doing that is cool perhaps to your viewers. You can also do your video live, where your viewer can comments and watch at the same time. This is gives more interaction between you and those that is watching your video. I would think this activity would be a little stressful, however once I started broadcasting I was not as nervous anymore. It was fun, it was like you know people are watching you and even if they sign out I understand I was not that interesting. Periscope is completely different from Integra. With instgram everything is not instant. It can and might takes forever to responds to a comment someone has to share.

                                           IMG_2730    IMG_2716

   Although Periscope was fun I do not see myself broadcasting much in the future. I find myself not as social as I thought I am. I will however, watch other broadcast to because it is interesting. For example Bree Olson was a speaker in class now I am totally one of her fans on her Periscope.

IMG_2765   IMG_2766

week six activity- identity art


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