Wk 6- Artist Conversation- Alice Andreini

Artist Conversation:


    This week at the SOA courtyard in California State University of Long Beach, in the gallery of Gatov East feature Artist Alice Andrenini, and a show calls Site Lines. Alice Andreini wants her view to “explore the relationship between visual, kinesthetic and narrative experiences within the context of the garden. Her work is large canvas of an oil painting. It is filled wit mostly bright and vibrant color. It consist of many straight lines, square and rectangle patterns, and very few of the round shape item. The artist wants to contribute the Synthetic contrast and synthetic nature.

Her painting is filled with soldiers in what looks like a Forest. Which is relatively close to what her she is trying to portray. Alice Andreini painted the image of the tiny soldier that is surrounding by flower and beautiful bright colors, to represent her mother garden, and her toys. She also wants to add a different dynamic to the garden. Alice Andreini painting can either interpret it as the soldier is destroying the garden or protecting it. In one of the her painting it consist of many shade of blue, that is because the color blue represent the sky and water, it can give a friendly gesture.

IMG_2703   IMG_2704

Alice Andreini did a splendid job on her painting. It speaks to me, when she gives the scenarios about the soldier is either protecting it or destroying it. I see more of destroying then protecting. Guns and flower just do not mix, however she did a fantastic job in picking the colors and contrasting them together. It looks as it the soldier belongs there. It also tells me a story, a sweet memory between her and her mother. These painting are like an irony, you are seeing something destructive, however is still soothing



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