Wk 6- Classmate Conversation- Genesis Jacobo


    This week I had the advantage in meeting Genesis Jacobo. She is a sophomore at my school, except that her major is Pre-Kinesiology. Genesis hope one day to be a sport therapy. Genesis favorite thing to do is play video game. I cannot remember the exact name of her favorite game, but I know that she love killing Zombie. She gave me a brief summary of her mission to save the world from the zombie apocalypse. It involves massive concentration and great reflects. Although gaming is one of her favorite thing to do, she does not spend all of her free time on it. She says she love too hang out with her friends and family. Every weekend her family would have s great gathering.

We also discuss a little more about art, and what each colors mean to us. Genesis feels that yellow represent her most. It stands for happy and joyful life. She explain that the reason she felt that because yellow is bright color. And we both agreed on that black Is not a sad color, but more dominant and strong. It stands for the bold and bravery. Red seems to best represent anger and green give genesis an environment friendly vibe, she felt most relaxed when ever she is in a green room. This week was great I got the opportunity to meet genesis Jacobo, she is friendly and such a bad ass for killing all of those zombies.IMG_2728

week Six Classmate conversation


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