Wk 7- Artist Conversation-Jane Weibel


This week at the California state university of Long Beach, SOA courtyard featured really talented artist Jane Weibel. Her show demonstrates the memory show had when she was a child. Her works consist of many different shape and size of the ceramic. Her works color is attractive varying in from blue to pink, yellow and green, however it is in a light tone, pastel to be exact. She also uses strings, and baby cloths to tied of her sculpture together, bringing it more to life.


Jane Weibel is ceramic major at California state university of Long Beach; she has been an artist for three years now. Jane Weibel knew that she would be an artist during her teenage years, “ although I did not notice it but art has always been in my life”. Her works for the Max L Gatov Gallery West is called “the extraordinarily difficult and impossible task of: recounting fading and altered memories and stabilizing shifting time”. The title is as clear as it can be, it represent the memory she has and endure when she was a child, while talking to Weibel she explain why she felt it was important to capture this memory. She felt afraid that memory will keep shifting and she is unable to capture it. Some of this has to dealt with her personal life, she recently lost a family member to Alzheimer’s diseases, this is what inspire her about the lost of memory.

This work is not only beautiful but I somehow relate to this very much, lately memory of the past has really been in my mind. I love the fact that she incorporated a playground, and what I assumed is a zoo in her work, it reminded me when I was in an elementary school. It made me realized how much life has change and how thing were so simple back then. Although Jane Weibel remind me that life is not as simple any more, once I stepped into the gallery I felt a warm and loving environment, I was comfortable there. And that is what is great about memory that she is trying to capture no matter how life have change those memory will always be the same.



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