Wk 7- Classmate Conversation- Anahi Ramirez


This week I had the pleasure in meeting Anahi Ramirez, she was not only a lovely person but she was easy to talk too. Anahi is a sophomore at my school her major is Health care administration. At first Anahi was an undeclared major, but after a long time of consideration she decide to major in Health Care Administration.

Anahi Ramirez is a relaxing and chill girl, we talked a little about what is some of our favorite thing to do. I now know that Anahi love hanging out with her friend and family. She also loves reading, which is interesting she is the first person I know that love reading. Last but not least, when ever she get the chance Anahi love to watch YouTube video about make up related.

I asked Anahi on the reason why she choose art 110, as one of her class, and her respond was that she thought this class is the best fit for her requirement in art. We also got the chance to talk about the question of the week, which is if we could dye our hair any crazy color what would it be? Anahi respond was that she would love ask dye the color blue, because she has seen it in many people. Over all Anahi was a great person to talk too.

week 7 classmate conversation


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