Wk 7- Activity- Snapchat

IMG_2799 IMG_2809

This week activity was getting connected to SnapChat, at least for those beginners like me. SnapChat can is like periscope and Instgram combine. You can post up picture and video into you storyline, however these images will only last for 24 hours. You can also privately SnapChat other people that are in your contact. You can add filters, description, and draw on it.

IMG_2810 IMG_2813

To compare SnapChat to Instagram is like comparing the autobiography you write for your school paper and the one you post online. Is very different, with SnapChat I feel like okay I can be funny and go the extreme and make funny face the faces I would never do when I am on Instagram. Also with Instgram everything can be altered, you have the freedom to post up as many picture as you want and leave it there as long as you can. With SnapChat and periscope everything is in the moment, especially with periscope is live, and you can interact right away with your viewer. Although I have been using Instgram more then SnapChat I felt comfortable using it and not pressured about weather people like it or not. Although these mobile apps are slightly different from each, they are better than Facebook, where you mostly share thoughts and exchange conversation and nothing really epic happening, or capturing the moment like the apps above.

week 7 activity


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