Wk -8 Activity- Somebody App


Have you ever have a message in need to tell a particular person, however you can not? This sound like a problem that can now be easily solve due to the World Wide Web. But what instead to you don’t to tell them directly this is where Somebody Apps come into play. Is an app that delievers your message to any body you want but by using someone else.

This app is to me the most different compare to all of the app I have been mentioning, is nothing like snapchat or instgram, because pictures do not matter. You simply just want one message to be deliver by some one else that is near by the person you’re contacting. Although this app does not seems involve much with sharing everything with everyone but it is still a good way to meet people. It of course requires more spontaneity than the other app because you are now talking to them face to face.

I think this app was a good idea it bring people closer, it create a new community and you don’t always worry about being accepting as a friend, or followed. Although it gives you rating which is still a little pressuring.

This gives me a great idea about an app, if I ever get chance to create one. I would make mine about fashion. So pretty much like a little girl game but in real life. Each person or any that is sign on would get assign to talk to somebody randomly and new everyday, and they will have to discuss to each other about the important and event of the day so each can pick out each other outfit. The purpose is (in a girl a point of view) we take forever to get ready and always need help in picking out what to where. And this will be a major problem if you leave alone now you don’t have to worry, someone out there will help you get ready and keep you company.



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