Wk 8- Artist Conversation- Rhiannon Aarons


California Sate University of Long Beach SOA courtyard in the Max L Gatov West Gallery feature a work about the remains of a mystical creature is called “Crate for the Remains of a Mystical Creature” by Rhiannon Aarons. The image on the wall is what she created through computer or digital design, there is also piece of physical crate that is an odd shape and filled with dirt. Her work mostly consist of black and white picture, added with texture and value, it is also mostly lines and sinuous shape.


Rhiannon Aarons physical crate embodied her image on the wall to life. The Hecate State, is a three-headed creature printing on the wall, varies in the values and textures of each print. Rhiannon explain that her inspiration for this is the anatomy behind every life. As an artist you draw and create art about humans and creature based on the science and Anatomy, but what if the Anatomy was false? Rhiannon believe that we are just digging and digging into fossilization, but nothing is true. We are just digging into the unknown. The crate that is full of dirt symbolizes our life at the end. She give an example about Donna Reed and Betty Page two very beautiful women, who live their life differently, but end up in the same cemetery and in the dirt. Most of her other work is also unique unlike every body else. The mystical creature, she have read about them, visit library and study the shape and structure on the 18th anatomy book. This piece she has created and displays in her first gallery toke her about over two years.

I found this art show very different and unique. She explore one the topic that no one really has before. The idea of everything we come to acknowledge is based on science, how or mind set about the human body; the behavioral of human kind and the fossil that once prove dinosaur exist. I am not saying that science is wrong or that giving the wrong information, but just perhaps think what if they were wrong? I agree with what Rhiannon Aarons I stating, this leave us so many possibility and new idea of the world abut the past. It opens a brand new door to visit the past.



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