Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Vanessa Guerrero


This week I had the pleasure in meeting Vanessa Guerrero a sophomore in my school California State University of Long Beach, her major is Social work. She believes in helping other out. Vanessa and I have many thing in common and one of them is Netflix. Some of Vanessa favorite thing to do is of course watching Netflix, catching up on the episode of her favorite shows, she love doing these things in her bed, and she said she would stay in her bed as long as she can. Vanessa likes to also hang out with her family and friend. Vanessa is a great calming person. She said her favorite season is fall and winter. And when Vanessa is not in her bed she love being in the out doors. She likes to go on an adventure, and in the future hope to travel the world.

I asked Vanessa how do the art shows represent you? Her responds was that the art show represent her by having some similarities to her life. At time they even inspire her to be creative. It has also let Vanessa see how something ordinary can be turned into beautiful and unique.


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