WK 9- Activity- Transmedia


This week activity is transmedia storytelling. My classmate and I decide to work together as a group and this include, Calvin, Genesis, Carolina (or as I called her caroline), Anahi, Jasmine, and Vanessa. We first had the ideas of all being friends, but as time flies by, and idea giving out by everybody we decided that we will a student and teacher at Photography class/Club.

The two accounts I choose that I thought would best describe this character is instagram and wordpress, since I am the instructor of a social Photography group.


My character is Ann Stuart, who is a photography class teacher. The reason I had decide to be an middle age women rather than someone my age, is because I though it would be nice to play myself once I get older. I can try on this persona, mean or nice, and see what will fit me best when I am that age. Unfortunately I had to play a mean professor who comment and grade her student unfairly. Which will eventually lead to an ill-judge image of me. What I’ve learned or notice being Ann Stuart for couple of days on social media. Is that things can be harder and more pressure when you a teacher. For the purpose of this assignment I agree to be hard on my student. So I tried to leave as much negative comments as I can, however it really did hurt me to see the fact that they were talking behind my back, and some student even reply back with some responds on how I should teacher my class. I though I can handle being an instructor but looks like commanding and grading people works is not for me.

Screen Shot 2558-10-25 at 7.19.48 PM


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