WK 9- Classmate Conversation- Jasmine Acosta


This week I had the pleasure in meeting Jasmine Acosta, 19 years old student of California state university of Long Beach. Jasmine is from Compton, she commute daily to school. She is currently undeclared, although she has been looking into criminal justice major, with a possibility minor in forensics. Some of jasmine hobby is hiking, swimming, and playing video games. Through out of the conversation I had with my classmate, I’ve notice many people enjoy watching Netflix, so doe’s jasmine and I.

We also get to discuss the question of the week, which is, from all of the visits at the gallery what is your favorite form of art, painting or sculpture etc.? Jasmine discuss her answer with me is that she love sculpture form of art the most. Because it is a three dimensional piece, is not a flat object hanging on the wall. With sculpture she can actually walk around and see the whole piece and see everything from a different angle. From what she has been observe from the gallery artist like to work with plaster. So it create a rough texture and usually not neat, but the artist is able to add careful detail to try to get their message to the audience. She said that she just find it more interesting than an average painting on the wall.


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