Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley


This week at the California state university of Long Beach SOA courtyard feature Maccabee Shelley at the Max L Gatov Gallery West. Shelly Maccabee show or the “Fragile Future” is a series of random object array with glass that is being carefully places and refurnished around the object. Most of his work is abstract however piecing the random object together brings his piece to life. Most of his work is original, he create the very core inside object that buried in the class. His others pieces is random glass bottoms from the places he travel being shape and put back together differently. His work consists of many different materials from glass, to plastic, ceramic to plaster.

Shelly Maccabee is a pre-baccalaureate at California State University of Long Beach, he receive his degree in Studio art in Humboldt State University. After moving to San Francisco Maccabee Shelley start taking interest in ceramic by 2010 he decide to dedicate his time to become a full time ceramic artist. Which is what in most of his work the processing of making each pieces he explained, first he would make a bowl out of ceramics, the he would add glass to it, then fire it, and give time for the class it dripped down. After it is nearly dry he would flip the bowl upside down and add more glass the routine continues. Shelly works want to communicate all around the world, as of he travel in many places he learn new things and ideas, and motivate himself to the to do better and go further with his creativity. His advice to the student in art 110 is never stopping climbing to the top, even if you fall at least you know how far and what is your limit. This advice was inspire by one of his peace he keep building and adding thin glass to top although many pieces had already broken off he is planning to keep working on it. Over all this show Fragile future toke him approximately 13 weeks to complete, he had little help from his colleges, but simple janitor duties. Shelley talks about the tough experience on not having enough sleep because within every three four hours to so he had to keep readjusting the glass.


Fragile future; what a perfect way to describe tomorrow, I cannot agree with this more. What Shelley Maccabee put on the display of his artwork really touches my heart. For example this piece shown in the pictures below represent what a young individual future, well at least my future, education. It seems as if the each stone or level of the stone bring you closer to your enlightenment. Also the irony of the glass, how it can represent life. Glass is one form of a beverage container; it is the strongest, boldest form, yet it is most fragile material. You will most likely to break a glass rather than aluminum can. This is just like life, can always build yourself to be the strongest and boldest, yet some odds still defeats you. Your future really is fragile because you do not know what tomorrow holds.




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