Wk 10- Activity- Geocaching


This week activity was very different then the other activity is a game we get to play worldwide. It felt more like treasure hunt. Geocaching is unique game where people get to trade items and logged those that find the treasure. You can easily download the app and sign up an account then and turn on your location, and find any cashed near you. You can look for it, logged in your name and go discuss about your experience on the app. Another option you can do is create your own cache, find somewhere great to hide it, logged in you coordinates and, you can even leave some smalls clues! So that is what our assignment is this week we have to find a cache and place your own.


I thought it would be more fun to do this activity with a group of my friends. We chose the location closest to us, which is the one at the Walter pyramid. All we did was turn on our location go there and look for our measure the clues was to look low, and it is a small black key box, however the floor is filled with tiny rocks that is about the size of the box. We looked and looked, for at least an hour a half. However we did not find the object unfortunately. Our phones pointed to different direction.

Screen Shot 2558-11-01 at 10.32.42 PM

While being with all my friends, I also get the chance to place a cache of my own. I found a really great place by the parking structure. This assignment was not only fun but it was easy all I had to do is figure out what I would but in my treasure box, I thought it would be cool if I leave a bunch of random stuff that from what I deal with everyday. For example I left a tag of minions stuffed animal and some temporary tattoo because I am always surrounded with children, and a Gatorade bottle cap, because I have at least one every day. Last but not least is the screw, I worked in a television repair shop, and I couldn’t bring anything that really fits so I brought that instead; a little treasure that can oddly describe me.


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