Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Angel Franco

This week at California state university of Long Beach, SOA courtyard, in the Dennis Dutzi Gallery feature an artist who want his works to be speak up about justice, Angel Franco. His show is filled with mostly sculptures of bullets, fists, and a Mexican toy. All these sculpture is displayed configure and all facing the little girl sculpture, and display behind a cell bar, that is made of wood. With all of these little detailed works have on arrange, there is also a video that show and explained a little further on what the sculpture can represent. Police brutally and corruption in the police department.


Born as a Mexican American, and being raised in Compton, Angel Franco was always surrounded by the negativity that is being said about Compton. He also had witness and the unjust the police have done. He want to uses his art to bring this aware to people, police brutally. This art show was inspired by the events that happened in 2014 Iguala. Where 43 students were protesting against the unjust system in the government, and they were kidnap by the police, and handed over the cartel, where was brutally murdered some believe that this is the work of the city mayor. This event and many others that have appear on television, and all of the protest lately against police brutally is what drove Angel Franco to place the figure of his sculpture. He said the little girl, and toys represent the children that are harms, and how some grew up and surrounded by toys now they are surrounded by violence. The reason he choose a Mexican toy because he felt that the crime they’re being drawn from the cartel has grew tremendously, and people can not go to the cop and report these crime. Angel felt that some police officer abuse their power, and cannot be trusted. That is why he chooses the put bars right in front of his works, people can be in their own home and yet feel locked up, cause they cannot speak, they are afraid even in their own home. Most of these you can find in the city of Compton and Mexico.


After coming to America Compton was the first city I reside. Seeing the work that Angel Franco display I can relate. Although the police are supposed to provide you safety and insurance, when you are in Compton you are now more afraid of the authority than the crime that is surrounding you. Because growing up there you can see how some police is really unjust and advantage of their power. But I grew up in the calm side of Compton I hardly hear anything violence on my street. I believe in the law of attraction, if you hang out with those that surround themselves in violence and brutally you will only receive violence and brutally. Although I know about the come cops can be corrupted, but there is nothing we can do but have faith in the system, because those that do speaks up seems to never win.


The artist does not have any website/facebook/instagram yet.


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