Wk 10- Classmate Conversation- Calvin Nguyen


     This week I had the pleasure in meeting Calvin Nguyen who is surprisingly in my Accounting 201 class. Calvin is sophomore at the California state University of Long Beach. Calvin and I has many thing in common not only we have are the same major in school which is business, his focus is finance, however he is looking forward into minoring in accounting. When Calvin gets to declare his major he will declare accounting compared to finance. He would rather be a part of managing the book and business rather than working hard on trying to make profit for others.

When ever Calvin get to have any free time he like to watch Netflix, hang out with his friends and family, and also gamble with his family. I had the opportunity to ask Calvin the question of the week, which is, if you can travel to any country in the world where would it be and why? Calvin responds was he would love to travel to Japan or Korea. Because when it comes to traveling Calvin like to go out for sight, he love seeing mostly food, since he love eating seafood he would love try out a bunch of different seafood option, especially with Japan.


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