Wk 11- Activity- Fiber art

This week activity was not only easy, but it was something I can relate to the most. My mother is a seamstress so I can sew before I can even draw, or write. She has sewed nearly everything I wore as a little kid, from dresses to school uniforms. And simply creating this project was just a great reminder of where I came from and who I am.


I love being creative, so when I heard about this assignment I was really excited because I know I can finally show my skills. I sew as a norm, if I’m not making something old new again I am creating something boring into something more beautiful. This is where I go the idea of creating a photo frame that I can hang on my wall. This project was cheap, I spend literary 3 to 4 dollars all I had to buy was a cheap, boring photo frame that was a dollars then bought a really huge button that was about 2.89. So I simply just cut of the fabric of the shape of the photo frame and I glue over it, and I thought of using yard for this project however glue seems to work faster and the yard would ruin the picture I imagine in my head. Long story short I glue everything together piece my piece and the result was perfect.


Although I use fiber as a form of art of stress reliever, I have never made a photo frame and I learn something new. I know that sewing and creating fashion is dearest to my heart because it brings a bittersweet memory of my childhood, but I never looked at it as a form of art. I always said that art is the oldest form of storytelling, but fiber is probably the oldest and one most surviving form of art that has not change or banished. I mean fashion has change but the cloths you wear and fiber and what they are used for, not really. If anything people now find even more way to include fiber in our life.


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