Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Kathy Yoon

Artist conversation: Kathy Yoon


This week in California state university of Long Beach at the SOA courtyard gallery in the Merlino Gallery feature an amazing artist name Kathy Yoon. Her show, “So Many Me’s” is a series of many mix emotion dolls or figure that look similar to Jack from the Nightmare before Christmas movie. Her works is mostly ceramics mix with a little of other material like yarn, porcelain clay, white rose paper clay. These little figurines are display on the floor and some against the corner wall. They are set on a rounded black wood surface. A common color can bee seen at her show is black and white and red. The figurine that represents her each has a mouth that is stitched up, and an eye that is one red, one black.


Kathy Yoon is a senior at the California University of Long Beach she is pursuing a bachelor of fine art in ceramics. This piece of art of many dolls represents every emotion of her feeling through out this year: happiness, sad, alone, confuse, tired, proud, and just letting go. This is the first show that she has created a project that is related to her personal life, before she would work with many things. This is also the first shows that she choose only three colors in the past most of her work would have many vibrant color. She believes this year was the toughest of all her years in college and decides that she would share the mix and up and down feeling to her viewers. Although she enjoys making every piece, this piece at the corner of the room with the heart balloon is what she is related to the most, at this moment, because feeling changes all of the time. She also loves this piece not because she is in love but it represent happiness. This piece represent the happiness in her life, but another piece brought her much laughter when she was making it. It is the piece of the figurine that is wearing tutu skirt, is it bending down showing it’s bottoms. This piece represents the just letting go, having fun, and not stressing out anymore. Each piece she sketch them first then transfer to clay to look like it. She took about two or three week making each one. Over all she enjoys making every piece, and is looking forward into character design. In the future she hopes to sell her piece, at this moment is more of figuring out if she wants to sell her work individually or as a set.


Kathy Yoon work can be well related by any one, she discuss about the piece she enjoyed making was the figurine that is wearing a tutu, and explain that this means silly, and not taking thing to serious. This piece speaks to me most. I see it as a little girl simply bending down and thinking of the consequence of her action, but she enjoy it in that moment and that is what important. I am not saying that planning the future is not important but sometime letting go can just be as significant then holding on. Especially now that I am in college where everything can be so serious; I like to take a deep breath and live in the moment, not thinking about what will happened to me if this assignment is not completed, and just do something silly something fun. I feel like if we do not let our inner child explore more, we will become robots and later will not travel to mix emotion like Kathy Yoon. So let it go, just Elsa from frozen, and you can see that you are unique in your own way.



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