Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Aida Gonzalez


This week I have the pleasure in meeting Aida Gonzalez, and she was a great person to talk to. She was funny and full of joyful energy. Aida is a sophomore at my school California state university of long beach, and her major is Social work, with a minor in child develop. She has a huge heart and love helping other out. She wants to help under privileged kids. Aida would love to open a day care for the children she helps. The reason she chooses this major is because she would love to know the system first.


Some of her favorite thing to do is hanging out with her friend. Aida and her friend love traveling to new places, to try out new food. She loves watching movie, and drawing. But her most favorite thing of all is dancing. Aida love to dance hip-hop, and she is now working on her Pop and locking.


We also discuss about the question of the week, which is, is a tattoo is a form of art, and is it more personal if you design one or pick one of the book? What tattoo will you get? Aida believes that tattoo is art, and your body is just the canvas. She believes that it can be personal if you feel a connection between you and the design from the book. But she think is it more personal if you design your own tattoo. And if she can get a tattoo it would be something that can honor he brother who past away. Something that I found surprising is that Aida best friend actually got their name tattoo in the back. I thought that was sweet and different about every one else, who here can say that their name is on their best friend back.


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