Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Christopher Michael Linquata


This week at California State university of Long beach, at the SOA courtyard, Gatov West gallery, feature a show called “Sacred and Profane” this was a combination of two artist work put into one. One of the artists that were feature in the show is Christopher Michael Linqata, and he will be our main focus this week. His work is a large painting on a canvas that is filled with an obscure message. All of his painting has the same setting, which is set on a cliff by the beach. You can simply see image of people relaxing, and the some are spending time with their children. In all of his painting he include the rocks that has graffiti on it. One painting even includes a couple of the artist tagging on the rocks, which is cool art within the art itself.IMG_3164

Christopher Linquata is a senior at the California state university of Long Beach; his major is drawing and painting. Growing up surrounded by art, he always wanted t become an artist. This was not his first show. The show scared and profane was inspire by the renaissance painting. He is very interested in renaissance era, the idea of being the first to know everything. His belief is that nothing is really original. We steal most of our work form the renaissance as he state “renaissance is the beginning of everything, we steal from them”. Being a great artist s also knowing that your work is not the first, he can understand the related to this quote, “ a good artist borrows, and a great artist steals.”- By unknown. His painting in the show, the colors and the textures is all inspired by the medieval era. This very large canvas of art toke Linquata about 18 hours a day to complete. He talked about waking up and coming to school at 8 and then leave at 1 o’clock the next morning. Although the paining toke an enormous of time to complete it is because he want to image as he imagine it to be. Every time something is not particularly in his favor he would paint over it and start something new, or keep adding on to it. His message to his view is to be inspire interpret more, and really try to understand the meaning behind each character he painted. The Sacred and Profane has many of his interest incorporated in there, like the Greek Orthodox, street art, and stencil art. Over all as artist he believe that what he gain most of out doing what he love, is knowledge. He gets to learn new things, and idea, and stories that are being share by his fellow classmates.


One thing that I can really understand deeply when talking to Christopher Linquata is the fact that the renaissance is the beginning of everything. Things then can be more scared and now in the modern day everything is profane. His painting of the rocks with full of graffiti, just tells me how we now can just anything as a canvas; art on that wall can only be seen in a church. That is also something about the renaissance that is very different than today. Religion plays an important role, now religion may not be as sacred to somebody any more. I just love the medieval it seems as if everything can be very simple then.


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