Wk 12- Classmate Conversation- Aron Chek


This week I had the pleasure in meeting Aron Chek, who is Cambodian like me but yet not really. Both of Aron Chek parents is Cambodia, however they grew up learning and speaking Laos, so Aron Considered himself more as a Laos. Aron is a sophomore at the California state university of long beach, and his major is film. Aron think that at this moment in the semester with his major everything is so easy, all of his classes and homework.

Aron chek is a go-getter, he is positive about everything. His hobby is doing everything! He said he’s not athletic, but he love to snowboard and hiking, fishing singing, and drawing. Aaron Chek lives for the experience, which is something I can admire about him. We also get too talk a little more about the weather; we agreed that this season is the season to be jolly. We don’t know why but everything just seems to be better in the cold. Aron love the cold, he loves having a lot of cloths on.

I asked Aron what colors calm him most and he discuss that baby blue calms him. It could be because of the sky because it is a calming color. The color that activates him most is the color purple, or the color of the galaxy.


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