Wk 12- Extra Credit

Extra credit:


All of the activities that I have done in art 110 has been fun and educated me in every day life aspect in the modern world. Which is cool, before this class my only activate account was instgram, but now I am addicted to SnapChat because of the activity we have done in class. So you can say that ephemeral art was my favorite. The other activity that was my favorite is the fiber art and video game. The reason that fiber art was my favorite activity is because I love being creative. Every time school starts I loose that touch that side of me, and having activities like these in art 110 really helps. Another activity I like most is the video game, which is geo-caching. I had a great time working on this project. I worked on it as a group, and my friends and I actually had a wonderful time looking for the Geo-caching, although I’ve never found one, but I’m never going to stop looking. This game really brought the whole world together and that is why is loved it so much.

Now down to my three least favorite and that is periscope, mobile public art, and social photography, I think this is probably my least favorite is because it kind of put me out of my comfort zone. All the project was fun, even this one, and getting out of my comfort zone made me learn something new about the world every day. However, this project did not turn me as excited as I was with the other assignments. It was something that I only did because I had too not because I want, and is something I feel that art should not be. Although this assailment was a downer I learn so much through this semester, with the gallery and classmate conversation.


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