Wk 13- Artist Conversation: Shahrzad Ahrar


This week at the California state university of Long Beach, at the SOA Courtyard, at the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery feature an aspiring artist Shahrzad Ahrar. Her art show, Wake, is combination of many art drawing, photograph, film, audio, and 3D telescope! She has wallpaper with pop out art design that each uniquely describes an event of the people she interviews. With these beautiful design, he add a recording of them stating memory of each stories. There are so many amazing feature in her show, the 3D telescope, which she encourage her viewers to touch and look through. She also offers the 3D pieces in the telescopes for us to take home. Wake is a show that offers many experiences, Shahrzad Ahrar contribute visual, and audio, and in return made her audience felt the emotion she is trying to portray.


Shahrzad Ahrar show wake discuss with one topic that can describe America, immigrants, the land of diversity. Shahrzad Ahrar is an immigrant herself, she came to America 7 years ago. She had interview three immigrants who migrate from their country because of the war. She was really interested in their experience, the transit, and getting used to the new environment in America. That is what inspired her most for this show, the homesick she felt. The journey, from transitioning from her home to America, she said she never felt more alone.


Shahrzad Ahrar work was not only beautiful but I can very well relate two. The one thing that is truly great in the country, USA, is the fact that this is land of opportunity and is a land of the immigrants. I myself migrate from another country Cambodia, except the purpose for me was not to escape war, but to have a better future period. And I can relate to some of the stories that were portrait in the art, the perception of how America was like a big Disneyland. When I was a kid I thought that America is it, the closest to happiness you can reach. Now that I am grown and looking back into things, the country that I came from was not so bad. I do get home sick, and I love the fact that Shahrzad Ahrar can touch on that subject and made something difficult to tell into a work so beautifully.



The artist does not have a website.


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