Wk 13- Classmate Conversation: Steven Yang


This week I had the opportunity to meet Steven Yang, who is a senior at the California State University, his major is Chinese studies, minors in event planning, management, and hospitality management. Some of his hobbies, are lifting, hiking, kayaking, and playing video game. We discuss about the art between now and then, and he said that this class has really opened his eye to new form of art like ceramic and film, music, and fiber. As to before he only thought the form of art that is out there is music, sculptures, and painting.

We also talked a little about our high school experience. Steven went to Cerritos High School, and he is now a wrestling coach there. He said that through out his whole high school experience he never once saw a fight at his school. Which is the opposite of my experience I went to a high school in Compton and I have seen fights, multiple to be exact. I can understand that is not a norm to people, and the perceptions of Compton perceive itself. However once I told this to Steven I can see the change in and utterly shock in him. Even though I told him I’ve never was involve or associate with that, I can still see the judgment in his eye. That is something I hope the society can change. The city of Compton is full of crime, but is also filled with amazing people. You cannot judge people became where they are from, nor push the negative image of a city so you can be in-group conformity. If people keep seeing Compton as a bad city, it will be nothing else as a bad city.


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