Wk 14- artist conversation: Sery Kwon


This last week of meeting at the California state university of Long Beach, SOA courtyard, feature an artist Sery kwon. Gatov west gallery had a great show that feature many artist work, however Sery Kwon work is what stood out to me the most. It is an abstract painting of line and many variation colors. One painting or abstract piece is a large ripped off canvas and is put back together with no distinct pattern.


Sery Kwon is a senior at the California state university of Long Beach; her major is bachelor of fine art in drawing and painting. In the gallery feature many artist that is also a senior and is up closing to graduation. That is what inspires many of Sery Kwon works. The freaking out of what wills she does after school. Although she is freaking out she do have the next year planned, and that is to take a year off school. When she so resume to work. She hopes many of her planned work out for her, which is teaching, and into gallery work. Sery has been an artist her whole life; she came to America at the age of 15 to pursuit her love for art. She first was interested in figurative painting, but as time fly figurative was not something she came be really interest about. When Sery Kwon starts college at the golden college, she began to take her interest into a new direction, which is Abstract Art. She became really inspire; she believes that with abstract art there is never a finish, you can always add something onto it.


I may not know much about abstract painting, however seeing the art Sery Kwon display and having a deeper conversation to her about it I understand it completely. I can see the worry she is having, for the end of this semester. I imagine that everybody would, whether you are graduation or not. Never the less is such an achievement to know that we made it this far, the end of the semester.


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